Adopt a Stop

Stops Adopted on the Saint Paul’s Organ

53 generous individuals or families have contributed $1,000 or more during the campaign to establish the Ann Stookey Fund for Music, and thus became eligible to “adopt” one of the stops on this historic organ. We are deeply grateful to these people, whose names are listed below, alongside the stops associated with their names.  Their names are acknowledged on a plaque that was mounted near the organ console in the spring of 2016.

The Ann Stookey Fund remains open for gifts of any size, which will be most gratefully received. Please contact the Director of Music, Zach Fritsch-Hemenway for information.

Richard Alexander    Pedal Bombarde 32-16-8-4
Douglas Anderson, in loving memory of Cynthia L. Anderson Great 2 Fifteenth
Henry J. Ballerstedt   Great Bourdon 8
James Bondelid, in memory of Almira Bondelid    Echo Vox Humana 8
Anne and Wilson Brown      Great Principal 8
The Brueckner Family     Swell Trompette 8
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Butler, Jr.     Solo Flauto Mirabilis 8
Stephen and Cynthia Clowery      Solo French Horn 8
Jeanette Cord     Positiv Sesquialtera II
The Rev. and Mrs. E. Clifford Cutler  Grand Choeur Grande Fourniture II-IV
Sandra Dillon    Solo Tuba 8
Edith R. Dixon     Great Regale 4
Mark Duckett and Stan Gaddy     Swell Voix Celeste 8
Dean Ennis and James Robertson   Grand Choeur Clairon 4
Janice Fiore    Grand Choeur Trompette 8
Joan Fischer   Echo Dulcet 8 II
Frank and Mary Fritsch     Swell Hautbois 8
Stephen and Zach Fritsch-Hemenway    Enclosed Great Serpent 16
Wm. Stewart Graham      Enclosed Great Rankett 16
John and Janna Grigger   Great Scarff IV
Susan Hansen      Pedal Zink 2
Penelope Harris    Great Quintade 16
Sarah S. Heckscher and Charles A. Carter, III  Grand Choeur Bombarde 16
Stephen B. Heimann and Monika Hemmers     Positiv Rohr Schalmei 8
Arneita and Dale Hinds    Echo Flugel Horn
Joyce and Jeff Hyde  Enclosed Great Krummhorn 8
Alexandra S. Jones    Echo Cor de Nuit 8
Barbie and John Kimberly   Swell Rohrflote 8
Michael and Lorraine Knudson       Positiv Principal 1
Charisse R. Lillie    Great Rohrflote 4
Mrs. R. S. Lippincott   Grand Choeur Flute Harmonique 8
Dr. Mary W. Loveland      Echo Clarinet 8
Timothy Martin and Paula Brown  Solo Corno di Bassetto 8
In memory of Dante Mattioni       Solo Flute Harmonique 4
The Rev. Emmanuel and Monique Mercer Grand Choeur Quintade 32
Albert Michell    Echo Viola 8
Lyn and David Montgomery      Great Octave 4
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nathan     Solo Cello Celeste 8
Thomas and Judith O’Rourke     Grand Choeur Principal 4
Betsy and Steve Pearson     Enclosed Great Regale 4
Arabella and James Pope     Solo English Horn 8
Kathleen and James Proud   16 Faggotto
Peter and Posey Randall   Grand Choeur Plein Jeu IV
The Reinhard-Prior Family  Echo Nasard 2 2/3
Karen Richter and Robert Busser   Pedal Nachthorn 4
John and Theresa Rollins     Echo Flute Celeste 8
Karen and Gordon Rose    Great Plein Jeu IV-VI
In memory of Carl Edward Schuenemann   Pedal 32 Grand Bourdon
The Sorrentino Family, in memory of Yung and Marie Lee   Swell 8 Diapason
Louise and William Thompson      Grand Choeur Principal 16
Patricia and Frederick Voigt     Great Twelfth 2 2/3
Joe Waz     Grand Choeur Octave 8
Caroline West and Jonathan Sprague     Pedal Principal 16
In memory of Ernest Willoughby, Organist     Orchestral Oboe 8